Manage all your prompts in one app

A Prompt Manager for Mac. Easily search, copy and paste your prompts from the Prompt Finder.


Comes with a super fast search bar

Like Spotlight for your prompts

Simply open the search bar with CMD + SHIFT + G and instantly search all of your prompts. Hit ENTER to copy the prompt to your clipboard. That’s it.


Our users love PromptClip

Speeds up my work sooooo much

I use prompts a lot. Ever since ChatGPT became popular, I've been crafting new prompts and saving them into a separate Notion page. Thats no longer the case thanks to PromptClip.

Fleix Everard

HR, Blue Soft Sol

I love love love the shortcuts

Usually I'd copy my prompts into a notes file and then switch into my notes app and get the prompt text from there. With PromotClip I can simply use a few short cuts to do that. A massive time saver.

Boris Elbert

Prompt Engineer

The search is blazing fast

The PromptClip search is amazingly fast. It searches all my prompts that I've said within milliseconds and I can simply copy and paste the prompt. Thats what I call efficiency.

Ivy Galloway


basic knowledge

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PromptClip?
PromptClip is a Mac app that allows you to store and easily copy prompts to your clipboard. Multiple shortcuts and other power features make help you to speed up your workflows while working with prompts.
Is PromptClip free?
Yes, PromptClip is currently available for free. Start using it today and speed up your prompt workflows.
How do I install PromptClip?
You can download PromptClip either from the Apple App Store or from GitHub.
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